Quickie Stamp Class Update

Here's the list thus far. I'm waiting to hear from a few more people. And I will try to include some non-stamp class posts as well in the near future (as I'm sure non-Utah people are sick of hearing about it--LOL!) How 'bout the dumb idea of having a yard sale? I could talk about that. Yeah, I'm thinkin' bout it for this next Saturday. Watching the weather before I pay for an add in the local paper. Just want the junk I've been gathering out of our garage before winter sets in. I don't like cleaning the garage in the cold. ;) I guess that means I need to purge the ol' scrapbook room again; although, I've been really good about it lately so there'd better not be a whole lot of stuff. I do know there is stuff, though. Duh!!

1. Heather (paid)
2. Krystal
3. Krystal's guest
4. Natalie
5. Loni (paid)
6. Kim Pence
7. Kim Pence guest 1
8. Kim Pence guest 2


  1. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Jen, I would really like to come to the party but I'm stuck here in Savannah where you left us !! I love stampin up though, maybe someone has a flip camera and you could youtube some of those great ideas you girls will be sure to have. btw, seen some of your layouts on qvc today. (I'm pretty sure those were some of yours)
    Have a good party, Alisa

  2. wish i was in utah ... i would totally join you all!


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