Well, I did it! I completed my assignments for the last 3 weeks. In that time, I created:

30 layouts
31 cards
3 albums
5 altered projects

What's even more crazy is that I went through:

A 1" Circle Punch
Tons of white and black cardstock
3-4 boxes of Removable adhesive
2 oxes of Square adhesive
A bunch of permanent red tape
Nearly all my glue dots
I destroyed 2 pairs of Scissors
1 blade for my cutter
Xyron runner
Tons of ink and photo paper
And a Cricut pad

Yeah, you should see my office. I get to the point where I create and then push everything into a pile on the floor. My dd's friend came in the other night and her reponse was, "Whoa, this is a messy office!" Yeah, yah think? ;)

Still I had a good time (most of the time) working creatively. I am going to take off a few days and reclaim my life (and house). I posted one of my favorite new layouts I created for Karen Foster. It's their new pet line--cat specifically. I love the graphic, playful feel of this--and the colors are AWESOME!!

Oh, and here's the updated list for the stamp party:

1. Heather
2. Kristy Lee (maybe)
3. Krystal
4. Krystal's guest
5. Mindy (maybe)
6. Natalie (maybe)
7. Loni
(about 13 spots left--not counting Robyn's guests)
If you need my address to ship the check, please contact me at You can also send the check directly to Robyn.


  1. Woweee girl! You truly inspire and amaze me. WAY TO GO!

    PS - I'm still trying to get hubby to decide where he is going to priesthood. We're out at his parents that day anyway for our 1st Saturday of the month shin dig, so I'm guessing we'll likely just stay out there while he goes with his dad. Dang it. Too bad Tooele and SF aren't right next door to each other!

  2. WOW - you go girl :)
    Have fun at your party!

  3. Hi Jen! You have such a great way with the KFD products! I'm still a bit behind (okay, a lot behind) and trying to find some all the projects on your blog! Hope life gets a bit less crazy for you...I can totally relate - I'm always saying the same thing to my hubby about how things should be getting better in a week or two LOL.

  4. wow jen!!! i cannot believe you did that many projects! and i've been stressing over the 15 things i had this past month. lol!


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