The Next Time . . .

That I tell you that I'm going to do a garage sale -- STOP ME! :) I am sore. I am tired. I am covered in dust.

Ok, it wasn't really that bad. We had a pretty steady stream all day long, and my sister and I both made $$. It's just such a pain to prep and price; and when you're done you just want to chuck everything into the trash.

I completed some items to show you at a crop last night, but I'm too tired to take photos of them right now. I'll post some hopefully tomorrow. :)

As far as the stamp class goes, I have 9 spots paid for (including me). I am waiting on one person's check for 3 people. And that leaves a few spots still left. If anyone is still interested after today, you can contact Robyn to see if there is time to gather supplies for more people.

Now I'm off to shower or nap. ;)


  1. Glad you made some $$ on the garage sale. When I was a kid we always had them and I vowed never to do one as an adult, lol. :0) Congrats to your dh on the marathon and you on the creating marathon. I'm amazed at what you were able to create.. 30 layouts. WOW! Have a great Sunday. :0)

  2. Jen, I'm grasping at straws here. I saved a page from the March issue of Creating Keepsakes on photo tags. I was saving it for when I got a new camera, silly I know. Now I have my new camera but cannot find the download for the tags anywhere! If you are the creator of those tags and you have a copy available I would be extremely appreciative. You can contact me through email ( ) or my blog ( ) Thank you.

  3. g sales are always hard--but nice to get rid of some stuff and make some cash--now to go shopping!! :)

  4. I say the same thing about garage sales!! My very last one was ruined by a blizzard (in MAY no less); after my costs, my two-day sale netted me $1.75. I kid you not. Never again!!!!


    Rozzella from CX


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