How do YOU eat Candy corn?

I like to eat the small white part, then the orange center, and finally the yellow top. It just tastes better that way! ;)

I haven't dragged out my Halloween decorations yet. I can't believe it's October tomorrow. I'm going to wait until it really feels like Halloween to me--and frankly it's too deliciously warm to think about real Fall holidays. I am dying, however, to get up into the mountains and take some fall photos. The color is already starting to fade a little, and I don't want to miss it.

Worked on some Little Yellow Bicycle stuff today. Wanna peek? (I hate it when I do stuff that I can't ever share with friends--it's like it never existed.)

Here's a set of "Delightful" cards:

And here are some "Frightful" cards. For these cards I repeated the same design but used different supplies. I call them the "Moonlit Night" set. Like that? I'm so clever. Hee, hee.

I got those cool pumpkins at Tar-jay for cheap! They were in the Bargain section, and I probably could have gotten more because they are cheaper than real pumpkins. (I really need to start a garden.)

Well, I'm off to bed (or to read or watch some TV). It's been kind of a long day--with a long week ahead of me--I may have jury duty next week--YUCK!! :(


  1. Oh lord I'm embarrassed. Candy corn pretty much goes in by the had handful!

  2. Ha ha ha....Nanabeth...I'm with you on that one!

    DARLING cards Jen. I don't know how you do it. I guess I've taken a little hiatus from scrapping since I don't have any "have-to's" right now. I kinda miss that drive, but it's okay.

    I might have to head over to Target tomorrow. Those pumpkins are DARLING!

    I want a garden too. I just laid tarp out on the section of grass that I want to kill for next year. By golly....I'm gonna have a matter what!

  3. I sure hope that you are on the LYB DT because you are totally rocking their products, Jen.
    NOw on to the candy corn-I actually prefer the indian corn that has the brown bit at the bottom that I like to think is chocolate-I always eat that bit first!

  4. Any way is a good way to eat candy corn! I love a handful of candy corn and almonds or cashews.

  5. I'm with Meg on the Indian Candy corn, and I just eat em' by the handful!

    Love those punkin's... looks like I need to make a stop in there!

    Ohh, I got my SU order from Robyn this week already! Love me scallop punch ;)

  6. Anonymous1:59 PM

    I TOTALLY eat them the same way you do! Gee, what does that make us? Like a candy corn couple or something? :)

  7. I eat the top half of the candy corn, then the bottom half. Dunno why, just do.

    Such cute cards! You are making me want to brush off cleaning my house and head to my scrap room.


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