Classroom Helper

Do you volunteer at your kids' school? I try to, but it depends on the year and how many chillens I've still got at home. This year no one is at home so that leaves me some time to help out at the school. Jimmy surprised me with how happy he was to have me at the school! He kept hugging on me and watching me to see if I was watching him. He made me feel so welcome. (I promise you--that doesn't last. LOL!)

On another note, do you need help at your lss with class ideas? Karen Foster Design has a great tool for stores and teachers. It's It's a downloadable class website that has everything from quick make-and-takes to 90-minute classes. One of my assignments this past week was to create some new downloads. Here's a few peeks:

This is a quick "Back to School" make-and take. You can download the instructions here.

I also created a few other items, which haven't been loaded on the website yet. I don't think it's a problem that I load at least one more here. I'll try and link you once they're all loaded.

A "School Set" to be used as a gift for teachers:

I'll leave the rest for when the website has them posted. These are all Karen Foster owned items and they own the rights to them. :)

And what about our upcoming class with the ever-cool and now recently named Garden Girl: Robyn Werlich? Are you clearing your schedule to come and play with us? I sure hope so!! I'd love to meet more local gals! So let us know. :)


  1. So cute! Wouldn't a teacher just love to get that set.

    Volunteering is such a good thing! It is nice you can carve that time out of your busy schedule. It is so important!

  2. okay, how cute are these??? Love them Jennifer!

  3. I love to volunteer in my children's classes! I get to know thier teachers; which helps a lot with communication if there is ever a problem!

    Absolutly adorable projects Jen!

  4. Jen, these are fantastic! Love that cute little owl!

    Thanks for sharing the link. As a room mom, I'm always trying to think up something new for their parties. I saw lots of cute ideas there!


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