The Team(s) I Did Not Make

As you've read, I've been doing this scrapbook thing for a long time now. With all that time under my belt, I've had my share of rejections. Seriously. It happens. :)

Does rejection keep you from trying for a Design Team or for publication?

Don't let it. Really!

I won't lie and say that it doesn't sting a little when something I love doesn't get picked up. But I figure that it's a done project no matter if it gets published or not.

I have had rejections in many forms: a straight out "no thanks," an "Ok, but would you change this and that," and a "now who are you again?"

It doesn't matter whether it's being let go from a Design Team, never making it in the first place, or just a project that didn't get the love and attention I wanted it to receive. All those experiences have made me a better designer.

That's not a cliche. Really.

It has made me a better designer. Because when someone tells me "no." I want to know why. And so I studied and studied what the magazines were publishing. I compared my work to the work being picked up. I looked at what was strong about my work and what was weak.

I learned that my photos were dark and busy.
I learned that my embellishments were wandering randomly along the layout.
I learned that sometimes one page works better than two and vice versa.
I learned that a good scan/photograph of my work looked better than a crappy one.
I learned an organized system gave me more opportunities.
I learned that a professional response gained me more work over time--even if it was a rejection.

If I hadn't been rejected over and over again, I wouldn't have gotten up, dusted myself off, and learned some new skills.

So what have you got to lose? Bad skills, crappy photography, an old scanner? Seriously! It's so worth taking the bad with the good.

And guess what?

I got rejected again this week. This time it was the Chatterbox Design Team. They picked an awesome team, and I wasn't on the list. And I'm totally ok with that. It certainly isn't going to stop me from checking out their blog, or keep me from being friends with the amazing Courtney Walsh. And it certainly can't keep me from drooling over and hoarding their products. And it won't keep me from trying out for new things.

Rejection is ok!! Say it with me, "Rejection is ok!!" :)

So how 'bout a layout that got rejected to round out this post? I love it. But it wasn't a winning entry. But I'm ok with that. ;)


  1. Gorgeous layout Jen! And seriously, Chatterbox doesn't know what they are missing! (your post was very timely for me, as I had just been rejected myself =} so thanks for the encouragment!)

  2. That is such a great attitude! I know a few people who should read this post... it might help them out a little. Rejection never feels good, but I love how you handle it! Your layout is gorgeous, by the way. Just slap some QVC product on it, and we'll take it! ;) I love it!!! I always think you do amazing work.

  3. amen! ;) I feel much like you -- it's always good to get a project finished, even if it isn't picked up for publication...I do it because I love doing it! On another note - love your chatterbox layout - that line is one of my favorites from them! Thanks for the reminder -- attitude is everything! :o)

  4. Hi Jennifer, I've been reading your blog since sometime last year and I love your writing - very frank, warm, and all so true! I've been rejected COUNTLESS of times, not just on scrapbooking issues, but on everything else in life, so you're not alone. However I thought I'd just let you know that whenever I'm down and I read your posts, you never fail to lift up my spirits and point me to the right direction. Thanks so much for that. I love your layouts too! Wish I could scrap half as good. :)
    elaine t

  5. I was so shocked to not see your name there girl! I feel the same way about rejection, I hate it, but it has made me stronger and I never give up. You've made me realize that we all go through it at one time or another. GORGEOUS layout girl!

  6. Oh yeah.. I'm with the rest of the girls.. Chatterbox definitely doesn't know wat they are missing! The team they have chosen is amazing.. I would have loved to see your little name on there too. Thanks for your encouraging post.. you're so right about rejections.. that stings sometimes but it keeps me going on and on and learning more and more (BTW.. I gave you a little award on my blog) XOXO

  7. Jen, what an awesome post! It is so very true and it helps to remember that that I am not the only one. LOL Anyway, I am sorry about you not making CBX, you would have made an excellent CBX girl and that layout is gorgeous. Thanks for your honesty and your outlook on life. You always inspire me!

  8. i love your layout jennifer! sorry you didn't make chatterbox ... but i love your outlook on the rejection thing too. it's hard to hear sometimes ... especially when our projects mean so much to us. hard not to take it personal sometimes. but it's important to remember why we do all this in the first place.

  9. such an awesome blog post....I thought the ending was going to be that you did make it.....such a great attitude!! and of course a beautiful page...that I'm sure will be published somewhere else..

    rejection is okay..rejection is okay....

  10. Marcia10:41 AM

    I love your layout. I also love how Marci said slap some QVC products on it and they'd take it. I have been a "lurking" fan of yours for a long time and have followed your story but never posted until today. And though you may not be a winner to Chatterbox you are certainly a winner in my book. Thanks for sharing your story and inspiring people all across the world.

  11. Mary MacAskill9:33 AM

    Hey Jennifer,

    I hate rejection too, but I seriously love your outlook on this. It was good for me to red your post! Beautiful layout - I always love your work.

  12. Beautiful layout! I was really surprised not to see your name on that final list. Your's was one of the names I was amzed to be on call back list with - does that make sense? It meant to be a complement - I love your style - your 2pg layouts amaze me as does all your work.


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