Just Some Eye Candy!

Ok, totally crazy busy here this week (as I predicted that it would be). Sister leaves for Alaska on Saturday. Daughter started school today (with a warning of "Do NOT talk to boys," from her father--lol!). Five church meetings--yikes! And Book Club at my house tomorrow. (Yes--I am a TOTAL glutton for punishment.)

So to keep in contact I thought I'd post some recent publication items.

A travel card for Cards Magazine:

A layout for Scrapbook Trends:

And a photo of the book we are reading for book club--at my suggestion. Do you like Young Adult fiction? This is a fun read, and boys and girls would both like it! It's about a boy that is the product of a mythological God--remember Mythology in grade school? Loved the funny way the author "talks" in the book. My kids laugh out loud when I read it to them. I catch myself laughing too sometimes.


  1. How DO you do it all Jen? Seriously. I may have to read that book with my kiddos. I just finished Breaking Dawn yesterday so I'm feeling the void.

    I put to good use that purple paper you gave me the other day. It was an answer to my prayers.....:0) It's on my blog if you wanna peek!

    Good luck tomorrow with the book club!

  2. love the card ... havn't seen that one yet. and love the layout ... i remember that one!

  3. Super projects...I might have to check out that book ;)

  4. You are too dang talented. I don't know how you do it all?

  5. Oh fun, love the lo and card! :0)


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