Feeling Thankful and a Good-bye!

This layout was one of my Karen Foster Design CHA layouts. (It's driving me crazy that it's crooked). :( Oh well. I am thankful for many things. It has been a good summer. I've been able to do things with and for the kids and sometimes that doesn't happen or can't happen. If we get to the pool in the next week, I'll feel like I can check off "have a completely fun summer" from my "Be a Good Mommy" list. LOL! Just haven't felt like swimming yet this year I guess.

I'm thankful for my sweet kids and their sweet affection. The day I was so sick my youngest came upstairs to tell me that while he was blessing his food he asked the "Mom would feel better." How sweet! I didn't even realize that he would make the connection and ask Heavenly Father for help. I was very touched. My daughter is always doing kind things for me. She offers to feed her little brother, help me with a project, run something to the neighbors. I feel very blessed to have such great children.

I love Brett working from home. I love him taking a break to wrestle with Jimmy or to tease Katelyn. It's just so nice to have him in our home. He's a great husband and wonderful dad!

I have many good things in my life, that's for sure.

On a sadder note, I decided not to reapply for the Creativexpress Design Team. It just wasn't a good fit any more in my life--schedule and other reasons. I really loved that design team, and I absolutely LOVED filming Nth Degree with Kara (and our awesome camera guy). It was a stretching experience for me as being in front of the camera was a little scary. I hope they can release a few more of the episodes that we filmed. We did some fun projects that I'd love to share.

Leaving a DT is always hard. You miss the people. You miss the fun assignments. But when you know it's time to let go, it helps a little bit.

I remember when I first stepped away from PaperKuts Magazine. I was burnt out and needed a break. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to continue and PK had been such a fun experience. But then a few months after stepping back, I submitted again and had my first layout published by CK. That gave me the push to try harder and design better.

It's always like that. I worked for Making Memories as a designer for a couple of years, and then their style changed from paper piecing to Heidi Swapp's style. I could not design like her. Oh how I tried. And oh how I wanted to. She's a true artist!! After giving me the opportunity to try, they politely let me go. I was so grateful for the opportunity and recognized that I wasn't a good match any more for them. It's been fun to watch them grow and change their style again: I love Keisha Campbell's style too. They really are drawn to beautiful designers. It was good for me as a designer because I learned that to stay current in the industry I have to be watching trends and trying new things. If they hadn't let me go, I wouldn't have improved and reached the point as a designer that I am at now.

Whether it's me walking away from something or a company moving in a direction different than my own, it's always been a good experience. It helps me grow as a designer and a person. Of course I'm disappointed, but I have always tried to be professional about the change. How ungrateful would I be if I didn't recognize all the good things that came from the experience? I just can't see being unhappy about the change. It would be a waste.

Even when I've had to turn down an opportunity from the very beginning because it didn't turn out to be a good match, it's been a learning experience. I am getting better at recognizing what works for me and my job as a designer. I make mistakes. Of course I do! LOL! Still, I'm really grateful to see how I've changed in the ten years I've been doing things. It really has been a positive learning experience.

Anway, sorry that was a total novel. Just feeling reflective I suppose as I step back from CX. Thanks for listening!

As a reward, here's another layout from my KF CHA assignments :

I am off to CKU tomorrow. I will draw a name for the stamps when I get back. Wishing you a great weekend!


  1. I was sad to see you not re-apply ={ but I totally understand needing it to fit in your life! I sure hope that you will stick around at CX and hopefully we can meet up for a crop soon.

  2. You certainly have the right attitude about your "work life" as a designer. By looking at everything as an opportunity instead of as something you're missing out on, or something that didn't work out, you're going to be able to gain much more from every experience than you would if you had a negative view of them. Does that make sense??? Not sure, LOL! But anyway, I think that when one opportunity "leaves" your life, it makes room for another opportunity to "arrive", which is always a good thing!


  3. Have fun at CKU Jen!!!! Just can't wait to hear all about it. Thanks for sharing your 'work life'story with us.. you just know how to explain everything so well! We'll definitely stay in touch after CX right?? XOXO Nancy

  4. I'm so sorry you're not coming back to CX! I hope you'll stay in touch! I loved watching you on the Nth!!

  5. these are fabulous as always girl!
    saw your comment on my blog.... email me- i lost all my email addy's so i can't email you... lol.
    hope CKU is a blast- wish i could be there with ya right now!
    btw... when you comin' to visit me? ;)-

    amber ( i'm using ricks account right now. lol)

  6. Beautiful creations, so neat to read about your creative journey.. have fun at CKU!


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