CKU and You Never
Know Who's Reading Your Blog!

I had a short day today at CKU, and since I live about 15 minutes from the hotel, I am staying at home.

What amazing women scrapbookers are! They made me feel so welcome and loved. I really appreciate that. I wasn't feel well AT ALL this morning, but it passed when I saw the enthusiasm and eagerness of the students. THANK YOU!!

I taught the Vita Bella spread for Little Yellow Bicycle. Everyone loved it--Kathryn Chambless designed it, and it was hugely popular. Way to go, Kathryn!! :) Lori Marek is a product designer for LYB, and is just such a great person. I love that I'm getting to know someone that I've admired for a long time on a more personal basis. What a cool industry this can be!!

On another note--beware the reader that reads your blog. LOL! Ok, so I posted in a few posts back about industry changes and my future goals. Who knew that at least 2 of my bosses were reading my blog--you know who you are. It makes me laugh and also feel sad that such fantastic women would think that I was unhappy in my work with them. I'm so NOT!!

So I apologize if it sounded like I am ungrateful or unhappy for my work in this industry. It really is so cool, and I'm completely blessed to work with great publications and manufacturers. I have had some VERY awesome bosses, and I know that I'm one lucky girl to be doing what I love.

I hope I convey that gratitude. I do see industry changes that make me sad. I hope that doesn't continue or gets better as the economy changes. I'm not the kind to complain behind someone's back. I'd rather address it first with someone. Are you like that too? I just think you should give someone the benefit of a discussion before you get upset.

Anyhoo, thought it was funny that my "bosses" are reading. You know--you really should warn a girl. ;)

On a fun note, I got to finally talk with Ali Edwards, Margie from Making Memories, and Lance from Rusty Pickle and they are all just as great in person. It really is a cool place to be in my life.

I'm grateful, though, to be home and sleeping in my own bed. :) I'm gone tomorrow and Saturday too and will do the draw probably Sunday or Monday so keep watching.


  1. LOL about the bosses...a lesson learned! ;)

    I wish you had been able to reapply at CX...we'll miss you there...make sure to keep posting! :)

  2. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Um...just in case you haven't're a ROCKSTAR. ;) Your honesty and integrity are two of the things I love most about ya. Have fun!

  3. Sound like you've had a fun time at CKU!! You're such a sweet and honest person.. your 'bosses' must be so happy to have you to work for them! XOXO


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