Weekly Ebay Listings!

Ok, here we go again (LOL!). This week is mostly kits. If they don't sell well, then I'm going to sell them to gals in my neighborhood. Kits just aren't that popular on Ebay.

What About the Words Idea Book:

Pirate Scrapbooking Kit:

Fall Scrapbooking Kit:

Lacrosse Scrapbooking Kit:

Valentine Scrapbooking Kit:

Birthday Scrapbooking Kit:

Winter Scrapbooking Kit:

I also have a brand new lavendar Karen Foster Design Seat-case to list, but I need to photograph it. It's never even been taken out of the shipping box. Just don't carry that much to crops any more. :) I'd rather just pull out stuff and work from home or take kits to work on at the stores.

1 comment

  1. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Hi Jen,

    Remember me? Nadine, Angela's buddy. I just bid on the pirate and the lacrosse sets - I hope I win :)



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