Junking and a 4th of July Giveaway!!

Ok, I can't even tell if anyone reads this blog anymore. ;) Are you lurking or have you abandoned me for better reading? LOL!

So because I need a little help, and I want to do a giveaway (and admittedly check to see if anyone hangs out here any more), please answer this question:

"How much would you pay for a scrapbook kit containing 6-10 pieces of pattern paper, stickers, rub-ons, and a package of embellishments? (Keep in mind that shipping is around $5-6.)?"

(And no I am not contacting you to sell something but want my Ebay auctions to be fairly priced.)
NOTE: The drawing will end on Saturday, July 19 at midnight MST. :)

Ok, everyone that answers that question will be put into a random drawing to win this:

And this:

And on another note, I totally scored the other day. I decided to hit a local thrift store and see if they had any cool goodies. It's not the best thrift store and typically doesn't have what I'm looking for, but I felt inspired to go today. I've been wanting a storage system for my most used punches, which are usually circle punches. I didn't want a tupperware box or something uninteresting. I knew that I wanted to see if they had any small luggage pieces--no luck! Not a single piece of luggage. So I was going up and down the aisles and saw these:

I saw the bottom two in a section of small storage pieces. I opened them up and discovered they were tape storage cases (remember those lovely mixed tapes we all used to make). Well, the glue had more than deteriorated so I just yanked out the goofy plastic tape holders and that left me with the empty faux leather suitcases. I spotted the third purse/tape holder/camera bag on another aisle and knew I had to have it to complete the set. I need to get a strong knife or cutter to cut off the strap, but I'm so happy to have scored on these.

Feeling pretty pleased with myself and the $3 whole dollars I was about to spend, I headed for the checkout line. As I was handing over my money, I saw my next prize. My heart started racing . . . "I MUST have it!" I thought. "I'll pay $25 for it and nothing more!" (hoping and hoping that it would be so unreasonably priced) I paid for my items and drove my cart like a madwoman over to the "collectibles" section. Was that woman eyeing my prize? She'd better not be. But no, it was a vase she had her eye on. I looked down at the lively green price tag: $25. Cue the choir!! I headed back to the check out line, learned there is no tax, and carried home my lovely new TYPEWRITER!!! I've been wanting one of these so bad (I blame my Dad and Jennifer Pebbles for inspiring this new junking habit--as I love the way she decorates her home with lovely junk!). I felt so giddy all day. (I did have a good laugh, though, when my kids wanted to know what it was.)

Here's my beautiful new treasure:

So it's been a great weekend so far, and in advance I thank you for helping me figure out my question! Happy 4th of July weekend!!


  1. i probably would pay about $6-$10, but i am probably on the cheaper side of things. I don't usually buy kits, because i don't typically use everything in them. congrats on the great finds at the thrift!

  2. I would probably pay between around $10. Post a sample and I would have a better idea.

    I always read your blog. I just often feel like a stalker commenting :)

  3. Between $10 and $15.


  4. I'm still reading! Don't have an answer for the kit price, but reading the other comments I'd think $10 is a good place to start.

    AWESOME typewriter! What a neat find! I'm a die-hard junker and I will tell you that I have found the thrift stores in Utah to be somewhat lacking, so you found a treasure for sure! Not sure why, but they are. That's one thing I'll miss if we ever move back! LOL

  5. Christy4:58 PM

    I have to say if I was listing something on e-bay, I would start it out at $5. People will bid easier on something priced lower, and you generally end up getting more than that. Also, because you are listing it on e-bay, I assume it something you might have had for awhile and is not the newest stuff out there. Just my thoughts.

  6. I would probably pay around $10-12 depending on how old the paper and embellishments were:)

  7. I would pay a maximum of $10, less if the papers weren't "top quality" (ie. were lightweight, outdated, etc.). That being said, I don't usually buy 12x12 papers (in a kit or otherwise) on-line due to the high cost to have them shipped. If I was buying 12x12 papers on-line, I would certainly make sure that I bought enough individual papers or kits to make it worthwhile to pay the shipping charges.

    And as an FYI, I "faithfully" read your blog! It's one of the ones that I check everyday when I get home from work to see if there's anything new to see.


  8. You scored @ the thrift store... Cool finds. I would pay about $8.00 for the items your listing. That is alwasys the hardest part for me, pricing stuff. Good luck! I check your blog & try to post when I stop by! Thanks for all of the inspiration.

  9. well, when I shop on ebay I'm looking for REAL bargains. So I would probably only bid up to $5 or 6 - considering the shipping I'll have to pay.
    Of course if it was something hard to find that I'd been searching for, I'd pay more.

  10. Hi there! I would pay between 10-12 dollars for a kit of that size :)

  11. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Hey girly, of course I'm still lurking around here...you know I'm secretly in love with YOU! ;)
    As for kits, I total up how much it would cost regular retail (as separates) and then add shipping...if I think I'm getting it for less than retail then I'll buy it. Otherwise, I'll just buy the pieces separately and pick and choose. Smooches! ~J

  12. Although I probably don't comment enough, I do read your blog and enjoy it! I would probably pay $5-$7 for the kit.

  13. Heather Labuda7:24 PM

    If it is ebay, I would say no more than 9.99. It depends on how new it is. Also, I think people tend to buy kits according to brand name as well as theme (Christmas, baby, easter, etc.) That typewriter is very cool.

  14. I was going to say $20 - i guess it depends if these kits are hand-picked and coordinated by you or are you just trying get rid of some stuff? it also depends on how unique some of the items are. Are they vintage? Hand-made? Or just stuff you can buy in any sb store. HTH!

  15. I guess you could call me one of those lurkers Jen... :) I love reading your blog!

    I would probably pay about 8-10 for the kit, but I'm not much of a kit person so I could be way off

    HUGS! Becki :)

  16. I never miss reading your blog Jen. I love to come here and 'catch up' with you online. Most of the time I leave with a smile on my face, sometimes it stops me in my tracks. Either way, I love to come back and visit (and lurk, sorry :-()

    I have no idea about the kit being from dull as dishwater Ireland coz' they don't do this stuff over here :-)

  17. I'm a lurker too :D I'd say I'd pay under $20 w/postage. BTW, great scores at the thrift shop.

  18. it really depends on the papers...are they double sided, cardstock weight..for the nicer thicker papers probably $10 but the thinner stuff probably only 5-7. (but I am pretty cheap...LOL!)

  19. Delurking to let you know you have more internet friends than you think! ;)

    I'd probably pay around $10 for the kit.


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