Happy 24th of July!

Today is our state holiday celebrating when the Mormon Pioneers first entered Utah to settle here (unfortunately my husband has to work). We're going to the town parade and then we're heading over to my Dad's house for a picnic.

I love a good small town parade--they throw candy!! And that makes a long parade much more enjoyable for the kiddos. I scored some shade (at least, last night it was shaded) for the day so it should go pretty well.

Here are two layouts I created for my July Deja Views DT assignment. The first one was a direct interview quote from my son about his Dad:

The second is a layout about my relationship with my daughter. We get along really well most of the time, but sometimes I just seem to say and do the wrong thing and she's angry with me. She is one of the kids everyone deserves--very obedient, hardworking, and a big help around the house. It's hard for me to be the bad guy sometimes, but I love her enough to do it.

Just a note that my very little Ebay upload this week ends on Monday.

And for those designers looking for a DT, I have an another DT (besides www.creativexpress.com) looking to add one person next year. Shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment if you're interested (link me to your gallery and resume). I'll pass along those that fit the design team needs. (I'm not in charge of selecting, and I'm not allowed to reveal the team yet--but they do have a great compensation program.)

Enjoy your weekend! Tomorrow and Saturday I am off to "Back-t0-School" shop with my dd, mom and sister. Can't wait!! Been saving for months for this.


  1. jen would you let me know what the design team requires? Would love it!

  2. I'd love the info on the DT. I mean after all....I'll be virtually commitment free soon. HA HA HA!

    It was great seeing you at lunch the other day. We truly need to do it again....SOON!

  3. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Hi Jen!
    I would love to be considered for the DT! My blog is www.mitzikoons.wordpress.com and I have a gallery at Inque Boutique. There is a direct link on my blog. I also have a small gallery at Splitcoast and Scrapbook.com


  4. Jen, I would like some info on the DT opening. I don't have a blog or web site for you to check out but I have some layouts posted in CX gallery. You can PM me there.

  5. Hi Jen! I'd also love to hear more about the design team opportunity. I don't have a gallery, but you can see my work on my blog! Thanks! :o)

  6. Hey, Jen...

    I'd love info on the DT opening as well...thanks!

  7. great layout jen! i've been the same way with my older daughter lately ... but i'm thinking a lot of it is the age (she's almost 12). lol!


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