Giveaway WINNER!!

Thanks so much everyone for your advice! It's so hard to know how to price things on Ebay. And sometimes what I think will be hot is definitely NOT. LOL! So thanks for helping me out!! So without further ado, the winner is . . .

lizzy simpson

Lizzy, will you please e-mail me your address:

On another note, it has been absolutely CRAZY here this past week. I've been finishing up CHA work for Deja Views and Inque Boutique. I don't believe Inque Boutique is releasing anything new, but if you missed them before then check them out at this show. Darling felt and chipboard, not to mention amazing stamps!! Deja Views has Halloween, Valentine, and Christmas lines coming out. And they are gor-geous!! Halloween is all glittered up, Valentine is flocked, and Christmas I believe is glittered as well (we only had prototype to work with). It's always so much fun to see the new releases but it means cranking out tons of goodies, and by the time I'm done--I'm BURNED OUT!! :)

I've also been called to a new position in our church. I'm over the women in our congregation, and I've been busy trying to get that up and running. Our congregation was so huge that they took half of our congregation and have of another congregation and merged them. And that's great, but we have about 40 women pregnant and due in the next 5-6 months. That means meals, visits, etc. I'm excited to get to know all the women in our ward as I've been in the Children's Program--Primary for over a year now. It will be good to be with adults again; although, I miss the children that I taught in my class terribly. They were adorable, and I was constantly entertained with their darling stories.

Are any of you going to CHA or at least drooling over the latest goodies? I can't wait until the local (and online) stores start stocking the new items. Woohoo!! (Good for me, bad for the check book.)

Speaking of bad for the checkbook. I hit a Pebbles in My Pocket warehouse sale on Saturday. I scored on some 50 count cardstock packs for $2 and their ribbon packs for $1. I felt pretty good about that. Sending my sister in Alaska some goodies--yeah, Sandy!! I also hit a LSS "going out of business" sale. It made me sad to see them leave as they had loads of fun stuff through the past year, but apparently they are going online so that's great for them. 40% off my entire purchase was great for me!! (I was good and didn't go crazy. LOL!)

So did you have a good weekend? What are you up to these days?

Oh, here are two layouts for my monthly Deja Views DT assignment.

The first is using the Cat tablet:

And the next uses a combination of Zach's Life (big surprise there) and some of their older Sports line. We just don't have much athletic coordination in our house. I was a dancer in high school, but ask me to throw a baseball and you might want to step out of the way. :) Dh played a year of football but isn't really into watching or playing sports--lucky me. ;)

Well, thanks for dropping in! Have a great week! (Oh, and I'll post my Ebay auctions later today or tomorrow if I can get them uploaded at Ebay today.)


  1. Wow! RS President (I assume)!

    You'll be wonderful. I did that for a couple years in my last ward, and while it was the hardest calling I've ever had, I can honestly say it was my favorite.

  2. 40 pregnant women? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! That's insane. Good luck, my friend! You'll be great. :)

  3. Yay, yay, yay! I won, LOL!!! Thank you so much! What a wonderful way to top off my day!

    Thanks again,


  4. Hey, Jen,
    Love seeing your layouts, and good luck with your new calling. I can't imagine keeping up with 40 pregnant ladies!

  5. Wow! RS president is a huge job! You will be great!

    Love the layouts and I agree, Zacks life is Awesome! One of the best masculine line out there right now!

  6. Good luck with your new calling! Are you the RS Pres.?? I served in a Pres. a few yrs. back & absolutely loved that assignment. I cried when I was fianlly released. You really get to know & love the women in your ward (& it sounds like there are lots of new babies to love too).

    I love the LO's. They are so stinkin' cute. You know, if you ever need sport photos, I have 4 boys & could loan you some of ours -LOL. I am headed to CHA on Thursday. It is my first time & I am SOOOOO excited.

    Have a great week!


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