Using Vinyl to Create a Dinner Plate Message Board

This episode of Nth Degree shows how to use Provo Craft vinyl, the Provo Craft transfer tape, and the Cricut Machine to create a fun message board for your family.

That vinyl really is AWESOME!! (NOTE: this is about the same techniqe for creating Vinyl messages for any home decor project--including the wall.)


  1. Your plate is darling!

  2. Wow, I love that idea! Your plate looks great!

  3. Vicki Muszynski11:54 AM

    I love the plate! Great idea! I have been trying to reach you regarding a download in Creating Keepsakes which they can't seem to help me with. Can you? In March 2008 issue you offered a download for photo tags (Page 108). Do you still have this available? Can you email it to me if you do? My email address is

  4. Great video, Jen!
    You emboldened (Is that a word?!) me to actually use my Cricut vinyl and I used it all up in one cutting session!

  5. Great job with this episode. Now I want to go put my own vinyl on my wall. Thanks for teaching me how!


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