Taking a Break

It seems like I never take a break from work. I love designing. Don't get me wrong. :) It's just sometimes after pushing through a deadline, I get a little non-creative, and feel totally brain dead. So as the kids are adjusting to being out of school, I've been just puttering around a bit myself.
One mistake I made was to try to clean out my closet in my offices. YIKES! My storage system of big cardboard boxes just isn't cutting it anymore. LOL! But now I'm faced with the reality of the expense of truly organizing all that junk. Good grief. And I thought I was so good at purging! I'm making a list of needs and trying to figure out a reasonable budget, but even cheap containers do cost money.

I've been browsing Scrapbook Rooms on 2Peas and drooling over loads of people's rooms. People amaze me in their home decor skills. WOWSERS! I kind of have a half-way organized, somewhat eclectic room that's not quite done. But I have gotten to the point that I have my basic things organized so that I can quickly find them. That makes me VERY happy. :)

Still, I really want to open up the closet and be staring at a bunch of labeled organizational boxes so that I can find those rarely used items--acrylic paint, altered items, etc.

I'd love to hear how you saved a buck or two on your organizational skills. :)

And just for fun, here is a card for Karen Foster Design. It uses their darling new baseball line.

And this card was recently published in "Stamp It!" magazine. It uses Inque Boutique stamps and some fun embellishments. :)

I have a bunch of stamping stuff to post, but I'll do that later. Don't want to bombard you with stuff. LOL! Hope you are enjoying your summer vacation (if yours has started now).

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  1. Cute cards!

    I SO feel you on the organizing problem...I don't even know where to start.

    And I'm afraid that if I start, it will NEVER stop. *sigh*


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