Purge-a-lurging!! (once again)

I should have warned you that this could go on for some time, LOL, as I'm trying to list about 10 things every Monday. I seriously have four big boxes of stuff to get rid of, and I really need to kit more items. I have listed the items up for bid this week below:

This is probably going to be the hot item of the week, as I think it's a DARLING stamp set (but I already have one very similar and can't justify keeping it).

And this stamp set from Fontwerks, I've been hoarding FOREVER. :)

Ok, I have three Christmas things listed (just think of Christmas in July) and here they are.

Glitter & Flock kit:

Lisa Bearnson card kit (too darling for words):

And a self-kitted Christmas set:

And for the Basic Grey fans out there, a "Sugared" Collection set:

And I want bore you with any more details, but there are two more stamp sets listed. :)

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