Last Chance and WSW!

No that's not another acronym for Walt Disney World. It's World Stamping Week! Do you love to stamp? Have you tried it yet? How would you rate your skill set: beginner, intermediate, purely professional. I'm intermediate. Loads of techniques that I've yet to try, but I love learning. Plus I'm cardstock driven by nature so creating my own pattern paper with cardstock is just too darn yummy. :)
Here's two cards I made today using Deja View's "Bella Vita" and "Delightful" stamp sets. I'm so happy they are making stamps to go with their gorgeous lines. It just adds the perfect touch to the project. :)

And don't forget!! My E-bay items (listed below) are almost done. Last week someone totally scored a stamp set for $.99. What a deal!!

Hope you are having a good weekend. The dh and I are about to head out on a date. Maybe we'll see a movie and dinner. That's what we usually do. What about you? Any hot plans this weekend?


  1. Hi Jen,
    If I wanted to purchase more than one item from your ebay things for sale could you combine them and reduce shipping?

    I do a crop every year for the non profit I run and these would be great items to use for my giveaways. (

    Please let me know!

  2. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Ick...stamping gives me diarhea (sp?) :) As we all know, I'm a stampophobic. ha!

  3. Karen,

    I only charge for the actual weight (and dimensions) for shipping so if you bought more than one item, then shipping would just be the combined weight, which is typically lower than two separate items being shipped. :)


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