How are you changing your life:

Or how is the economy affecting you?

This economy is so wonky (is that a word?)! It has me thinking about choices I make, and they are thoughts I should have been having all along.

In order to cut back and take control of our spending in this day and age of $4+ per gallon of gas, we are having a Family Home Evening (a night where our family gathers for activities and a lesson) on creative spending and cutting back.

So I wanted to ask you what you are doing to save $$.

Some things I have been thinking about is the amount of driving that I do. Surely we can walk to nearly everything in town. When I was first married, we only had one car and I did a LOT of walking. That's probably why I weighed less then.

I am also thinking about how to eat better and more economically (I'm totally wishing we'd been able to put the garden in this year--fresh corn and tomatoes. Need I say more?)

So what are you doing?

(I'd also like to say that we are purposely not putting in our yard to "go green" but in this case it's all about the economics. Hopefully next year!)


  1. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Well, I think my number one thing is saying "NO" to my kiddo a whole lot more, which really sucks. Three trips a week to the beach are not gonna happen this Summer...maybe two! ;) Thank goodness school's out b/c I was using two gallons a day just for carpool.
    I've also picked up some odd jobs for extra cash, like mowing my friend's mom's lawn while they try to sell her house, and cleaning my mom's house, and dog sitting...ick I hate that one! ;)

  2. yep, saying "no" to my girls more. took a trip to target today and my youngest wanted about 10 things ... had a good talk with her about how all those little things add up very quickly ... and how we really don't need any of them. lol!

    i'd love to get better about food buying. i've gotten so much better about cooking more ... but it costs so much more to eat better. lol! so now i've been going back to more simple, basic meals.

  3. it's so hard!
    We all had the talk about this very thing at dinner tonight--mainly about our summer plans (or lack there of because of gas prices!)

    We're definitely going to cut back on our A/C; we're cutting back watering our grass by 1/2; and we'll probably be eating cereal at every meal (minus the milk--ha!)

    Love reading your blog btw!

  4. Anonymous8:54 AM

    When you find some good answers, I'm here with open ears! I'm tired of living paycheck to paycheck!!!

    (Course, I should start cooking more. And we should get that garden in, and...)

    I suppose I know WHAT to's doing it that's killer. ;)

  5. Taking a serious look in the pantry and the freezer before going to the grocery store and getting a lot more creative with left-overs that I used to just give to the dogs!
    Consolidating driving trips and taking DH's hybrid instead of my car whenever possible.


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