Here's to May!

I really hope May is a much calmer month. April was full of deadlines, crazy emotions, and big days. (Although I'm looking at my May calendar right now and thinking "Whoa, that's still a lot of big things going on.")

How did you spend National Scrapbook Day? I celebrated on Friday over at, and then I checked out for as much as I could. I should have planned better and set aside some more time. I didn't scrapbook or create one thing, but hey, I did clean my scrapbook room. And guess what? It has a floor!! Who knew!

How many of you are winding up the school year this month? In Georgia we went into June sometimes. Here we end at the end of May. We've got summer sign-ups and school field trips and programs this entire month. I'm trying to keep up.

Here are a couple of things I created for my Deja Views Design Team:

This sad face on my beautiful daughter breaks my heart every time I see it. She's trying hard not to cry, but sometimes she wears her emotions on her sleeve. I hate to see her sad. EVER!

The second layout is using the photo of my youngest used in a post below. I love the photo. He came in my office and stuck his finger in my face to show me that he was wearing his CTR ring (Choose the Right). Made me laugh, and I snapped a photo of it.

And finally, a card using the Zach's Life line from The Little Yellow Bicycle (a division of Deja Views). Loving stamping right now. So much!!

Well, here's hoping you are having a pleasant start to your May and that it continues that way. (I've got my fingers crossed. LOL!)


  1. Nichol2:02 PM

    What beautiful, inspiring projects! I just love the scalloped circles and butterflies on the layout of your dd and the story and photo of your youngest is just precious. And stamping...ahhh...I, too, can't get enough of using stamps lately. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Awesome!
    You're Awesome!


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