Stamping Out the Cold

Do you like that clever title? Hee, hee. Yeah. It's cold again. ARG! (Does that sound frustrated enough for you?) It's dipped back down in the 40's just when we were starting to enjoy some mid-50's days. They were heaven and reminded me that we really don't remain in an eternal winter, because frankly it was beginning to feel like that.

Ok, on to the stamping. Here's my March projects for Inque Boutique. The first is an Easter card. You did realize that Easter is THIS MONTH! Yikes. Don't you hate budgeting into the grocery budget those little unexpected extras--like Easter? The Easter Bunny needs to get a move on in our house and start thinking "Easter baskets." I like to throw in a few little things like flip-flops, or new tights for my dd, or a small toy for each of them. Christmas wasn't that long ago, but it's a far off present-receiving holiday for my dd so I like to break the year up a bit with small things. (Of course, that's typically because Easter falls in APRIL!)

Here's the Easter card:

And this is a baby card because the first hints of Spring make me think of babies. Plus two girls in my cul-de-sac are expecting this year. Aaaah, makes me slightly baby hungry thinking of them holding new little munchkins. So here's to them:

And finally a layout. When I'm stamping for Inque Boutique, I really like to be cardstock driven (meaning cardstock is the majority of the layout). I don't know why exactly, but I do admire the beautiful work of the Stampin' Up artists and the Hero Arts designers. They are cardstock driven, and when I begin my projects I am too so it fits. I also think trying to create a card or layout with just cardstock, although challenging, helps keep the focus on the stamps. (Plus I've learned so much about stamping by doing it that way!!)

Note of warning: the photo is out of focus a bit. But I changed it to black and white because I love it anyway. If we didn't scrap those kinds of photos we'd often miss out on some very important memories. So here's to scrapping an "out-of-focus" photo or two today:


  1. Beautiful work for IB!
    I like you work with cardstock...
    I need to do more of that!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. awww you know me I am sucker for anything stamped- these look GREAT!

  3. I was wondering if you are the same Jen who is published in CK magazine? If so, I am looking for the f-stops photo tags from the March 2008 issue. The CK website can't find them and I am desperate to have them. Thanks


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