Happy Groundhog Day!

I just know the groundhog is going to predict more weeks of winter. I can just feel it. It has been snowing nearly every day and leaving about 2-3" on the ground. Some of my neighbors have "shovel piles" about 4' tall. It's crazy. I had forgotten about Utah winters. They are beautiful. Believe me! But this is about the time where I'm ready for spring to start popping up. But I don't think that's going to happen until mid-April this year. It just feels like a VERY wet winter. So if anyone knows if the Groundhog takes bribes, then PUH-LEASE let me know. I'm totally into that. ;)

On a different note, I'm trying to upload some projects from past publications and assignments. Here is one from Scrapbook Trends' October issue. I love Halloween papers and such. I created the bats, by folding a piece of black cardstock in half and then cutting out half a bat shape. I unfolded it and ta-da: a bat! I folded the other bends in his bat wings to give it some movement. Just a little fun tip! :)

And forgive me, if I've posted this before. It's from a waaaay long time ago, for a Creating Keepsakes book about using your supplies to create special projects:

And finally a card from Inque Boutique. One tip: I sometimes like the look of embossing, but I can't see through the paper I'm using to emboss so I will punch out the shape and layer them on top of the paper. It gives it a little more dimension. :)


  1. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Love the project box, But what did you put in the jars?? Alisa (savannah)

  2. The Jars were purchased full of lotion, bath oils, etc. at M's for $1 each. Total steal. ;)


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