Happy Belated Valentines!

Are you like me and are glad Valentine's is OVER? I just don't enjoy the prospect of "forced gift giving." Oh, I'm all about doing sweet things for one another, but I struggle with the pressure of providing the perfect gift on the perfect day. I think the dh and I are looking to create a new kind of tradition in which we can surprise each other rather than expect something on that day. Ok, can you tell I have issues? LOL!

On another note, wanted to post some things.

This one you can find in the "Projects" section of the http://www.goinque.com/ website. I am in love with these school-related stamps, but I didn't want to just use them on a school page. Instead I used stamps that related to the way my children behave towards one another. I love the graphic stamps like the ruler, and the old-fashioned images like the boy heading off to school stamp. So much to love in this set.

When I'm not creating layouts, my favorite thing to do is create cards. I love the small scale of cards. This is one that I created for Deja Views:

And finally an even smaller scale . . . a tag for Karen Foster Design. Tags allow me to create a mini layout on one little piece of paper. I love the challenge!

Here's hoping you have a warmer, drier weekend then we've been having. (Can I just say that shoveling 9" of snow is back breaking work? I am so sore!!!) :)


  1. Totally get where you're comin' from about the Vday stuff. In fact, this year Big Dave and I agreed not to get each other anything, b/c honesly who needs to spend moolah on random stuff right? So, I thought I'd a least get him a card, and then Target had mini robin eggs candy in the dollar spot, so I got him a bag b/c they're his faves. And then in typical Big Dave fashion...he totally surprised me with some VERY needed lovelies from VS, shame on him for breaking the rule! (He had leftover sidejob money and used it on me...ain't he sweet?) So, I think in this case, all worked out well...no pressure for a gift, and yet we still got gifts, who'da thunk it? :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my boring blog! LOL I am excited cuz now I know where to find you!

  3. Oh my 9 inches! I have never shovelled snow and think that is an experience that I can gladly do without. I sure hope that the snow lets up for you soon!

  4. Cute cute cute! Great job on the projects....jealous of your stamps! ;)

  5. I just love that travel card/tag.....so cute....!!


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