CHA Peek #1

For those of you that are not familiar with "CHA", it's one of the biggest tradeshows in the Craft Industry. Scrapbooking has taken over with a vengeance. As a designer in the industry, there is no bigger crunch time than a CHA show, especially the first one of the year. On the one hand, I get to see all the latest goodies produced by the companies I am blessed to work for. On the other hand, I can end up designing day-after-day until I'm a bit burned out. But I'm not complaining. There's nothing like last-minute deadlines to get the creative juices flowing. LOL!

Deja Views is releasing three lines: Zach's Life (a very masculine, graphic line), Vita Bella (a blue and green line with sophisticated curves and diamonds), and Delightful (a spring inspired palette with glittered goodies).

Here is a peek at some of DV's goodies:

Both of these are from the "Bella Vita" line. Yummy, huh?

This would be the "Delightful" line. See that little tiny flower? It's covered in gorgeous glitter. I really love this line as I am not typically drawn to feminine papers. I truly love this one, though!

And finally, a "Zach's Life" example. This is a gorgeous line as I am completely sucked in by graphic styles. And I love this layout, because it gave me an opportunity to journal about a time when Joey was not happy, something that didn't happen all the time.

Brett had left to obtain work and housing in Utah and we were back in Savannah selling our home. Joey and Brett were the best of friends and having his Dad gone was difficult for Joey. I love that the photo shows his beautiful, flawless skin. It was so gorgeous. And that thick hair of his. Beautiful! Sometimes it's hard to do these layouts but only because once I've done all his photos, I will be done. I can stand the thought of being "done" with Joey's scrapbooks. So I only do a few at a time. Still, I don't want to forget the memories before I am older and much more forgetful.

I'll have more peeks in the upcoming days of Karen Foster Design. They had some fun additions to some older lines. And it is their 10th Anniversary this year. Way to go KF!!


  1. Sherri P eh5:48 PM

    I love your work, and especially your Joey page. I don't comment much, but I visit here regularly, and I'm so inspired and in awe of, your faith and your strength. It had never occurred to me that you might want to slowly scrapbook Joey pages in order to not be done with them. But it makes perfect sense. Thank you for sharing him with us in your magnificent work.
    Oh yeah, saw 'you' on QVC too - very cool!!

  2. Oh yeah girl...that Zach's life is awesome...Kristine's chompin' at the bit to get her hands on it for all those crazy boys of hers! I think it's her fave line for CHA! :)

  3. I totally relate to not wanting to be done with Joey's book, enjoy those pages. Big hug!


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