Friday, January 18, 2008

Just Not Feelin' It Today . . .

I don't know. Just feeling "blah" and tired today. Been working like a mad woman on CHA assignments and some stuff for QVC. I really like working with new product, especially stuff I've never worked with before. But after so many layouts/cards/projects, I get so brain dead. Helps to step away and do other things.

So perhaps today, I'll do just that: step away for a bit. And do nothing productive. Maybe I need a nap. I've been waking up at 2 a.m. EVERY morning and having trouble going back to sleep. I typically get up between 4 and 6 a.m., but 2 a.m. is ridiculous!! (Yeah, I am NOT a night person.)

I will pat myself on the back because I walked/ran on the treadmill today. It was a long 20 minutes, but instead of going on some crazy diet I'm just trying to change my behaviors in a realistic fashion. I CAN'T go without food, but I can walk for 20 minutes every day. With time perhaps I will add resistance training and run longer, but for now it's just doing it. Sometimes that's hard enough.

So I have a date with the husband tonight, and I'm at a loss for things to do. We just haven't gotten back into the swing of life yet, and yet I want to develop similar interests with my husband (Yeah, I'm not playing a video game; and he's so NOT going to scrapbook. Thank goodness). Any suggestions? What do you like to do with your significant other? Do you go to plays, concerts, out to dinner, etc.? Help me out!!!

Oh, and just because I'm totally visual here's some visual goodies for this post. Not that they have anything to do with what I'm talking about, but anyhoo. . . here's some cards I created for Deja Views. Maybe looking at them will remind me that I'm capable of creating (even when I'm tired). LOL!


  1. love the cards! I love to go out to diner with my DH and just chat the whole evening, maybe take a little walk after dinner. have fun!

  2. Here are a few ideas: Catch a movie, go sledding, go bowling, iceskating - do something fun where you can just enjoy each other's company and a few laughs.

  3. Well...(don't laugh) Big Dave and I are joining a coed adult kickball league...I said don't laugh! :) Kristine and Teddy are gonna do it with us, and we have some other pals on our team. SHould be interesting. I'm terrified, but I really want to try something totally different together so we can kind of be in the same boat, ya know? Since neither one of us have a clue. Maybe y'all could take up a totally new hobby together, like bird watching or something? My friend Lori is going to try hunting with her hubby eeek! :0 How bout just going somewhere and makin' out in the car????? hee hee!

  4. My husband and I have started ballroom dance lessons! NO JOKE! I never thought I would get him out there, but he is actually enjoying it as much as I am. We laugh like no other couple in there, and it has been a blast for us. There are about 15 couples from our church taking with us. check out my blog to read more....
    whatever you decide, have a wonderful time with your man!

  5. Jen I love the cards. Good luck with all the sound super busy. If you find out something cool to do with your dh please post about it. I don't play video games and he doesn't scrapbook so it seems he and I are in the same boat as the two of you :)


  6. SO how was your date/ We usualy end up at the movies- not too original but it's nice just to have the time alone together.We joined a gym together- he's doing better at it than me though.Sorry about the getting up at 2 AM thing-same thing happened to me last Novemeber-I found getting up out of bed and watching TV for a half hour or so usually put me back to sleep.

  7. Movies are a fun thing for us. We also like bowling. Lately, we've been going to our high school's basketball games - sometimes with the girls, sometimes not. Have fun on your date!

  8. Does your husband like theater? My husband and I love the theater, and we take turns choosing what to see. He prefers comedies, while I tend to prefer Shakespeare or more literary fare. Either way, we love to see the play as a matinee, if possible, then go out to dinner to analyze the production while enjoying each other's company.

  9. I know you already had your date but in the future you should try going to a book store together (if you both like books). My husband and I do that all the's one of our favorite dates. :)


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