It's Warm Again!

It's funny how you to come to rely so much on modern conveniences. Having the house colder than we typically have it was distracting and a bit paralyzing. It was hard to maintain normalcy. We slept longer, we moved slower, we accomplished less. It made me realize how important it is that we be aware of those families in our area that do without food, shelter, warmth and just basic needs. When I think of a child going to school without food or a coat or clothes that fit, it makes me hurt. I don't know how they concentrate, feel comfortable in their peer group, or function in their day-to-day tasks. Their are many children who overcome their odds and thrive, but I can't stand knowing they need help and not want to help. All of us have some way of helping, whether it's simply donating goods to our local Goodwill or "reusable" store. We can deliver a warm loaf of bread to a family in our neighborhood (ok even I would love that!). We can volunteer at the local shelter, make a donation to a children's hospital (this already benefitted me).

As women, we are often mothers to many: our children's friends, the school kids that cross our paths, the unhappy child in the grocery store line. We are full of the need to nurture.

I will always feel the need to pay it forward for the way people opened up their hearts to my family during our time of need. I will never be able to thank those people in person or even know all those that helped us, but I can repay their kindness by helping others in need.

I have a long way to go before I'm anywhere near where I'd like to be in serving others. I think it takes practice like everything else to recognize and then learn how to best help others. But the desire and just making the effort (however big or small) is the first important steps.

When I think of those women (and men) that have nurtured my own children, I feel very grateful. If you were one of those people who touched my life or my children's life in any way. THANK YOU!!

(Note: the layout at the top can be seen in greater detail in the Inque Boutique gallery.

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  1. Warm loaf of bread...hee hee...not this girl. My first thought was, "how does she warm up a loaf of bread?" Like Sunbeam in the microwave or something! Ha!! Then I realized you actually meant real home made duh...yes I'm blonde!
    You Mormons are so good at all that domestic crap! :)


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