Fun to Do, Fun to Do!

For those of you that don't recognize that title, it is an LDS Primary Song that the children often sing during the Sharing Time hour each Sunday. It's a "busy" song, and Jimmy LOVES it. :)

What are you doing that's fun in your life right now?


I am going to my Mom's house for our first Thanksgiving Dinner of the season.

I finished up a layout that I really love but can't share just yet (in hopes of it getting picked up).

I'm slowly pulling out Christmas decorations for the tree (in hopes that dh doesn't notice).

I'm going over my Black Friday list over and over again.

I'm watching my neighbors put in a beautiful yard (and looking for inspiration for my own dirt pile).

I watched "Moonlight" last night, which I'm so loving so far.

I'm sure I'm not the only one having fun in their lives. So share!

Here's a layout of Jimmy having fun:


  1. Oh, i am so sad that Jimmy lives so far away from Lily. I think they would have a blast in Sunbeams together :).

    My fun thing to do this weekend was playing with my little family, since Kevin had been out of town, and was finally back.

  2. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your family :)


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