Six Months Ago Today

I lost my oldest son to Colon Cancer. He was an amazing boy, and we miss him like crazy every single day. He turned 13 just before he passed, and that's my lucky number. He was pretty happy about becoming a teenager despite being so ill.

Instead of being upset and sad (although I'm sure it will hit at some point today), I'd rather celebrate what an amazing boy he was. So here goes:

Joey was the most amazing artist and could draw far above his age level.
Joey was a peacemaker and tried to make sure that little brother and little sister got along.
Joey loved Legos and could build cities with his siblings for hours.
Joey loved any food with cheese dripping off the sides. :)
Joey loved my husband and I and was still very affectionate with us. (miss that terribly)
Joey was an honest child that could not understand why a human being would ever hurt another human being.
Joey was learning the viola and obviously had a knack for it.
Joey worked hard at school and often made the honor roll.
Joey faced disease most of his life with grace and never let it keep him from enjoying life.
Joey was a happy child, and had THE best laugh.
Joey was the leader when it came to friends.

Joey, you are the best, baby! I love you, I love you, I love you. And I'm more proud of you than you could image!


  1. I can add a couple more...

    *Joey left an unforgettable impression on the children who knew him, I think because of his positive attitude, and how he handled his illness.

    *Joey knew how to look cute for the've got some great
    photographs of him!

    *Joey had really cool hair! Ha! Man, did he ever have a hair out of place? He could've been a preacher! :)

  2. He was truly a special boy! I am sure he is making wonderful contributions on the other side!

  3. I can't believe it's been six months already. Your post today is an amazing tribute to your son. And although I'm sure you feel like the lucky ones to have had him, he sure was blessed to have had you as parents! Take care,


  4. Sending you love and peaceful thoughts on this difficult day.


  5. I dont know you....but I did hear about your loss on 2 peas. Today I came to read your post about your beautiful son....and as I read heart sunk. I have a young boy too...and although my kids are healty (thank goodness), I tried to imagine my life without him in it. Permanantly. It made me cry, for you and all other mothers who have to feel the realness of that pain. So to you and your family, I so hope that those memories of him will be long lasting and only wish that god could give you just the hugs from Joey that you need today. God bless

  6. I admire your strength. I'm glad that you are happy on a day like today, you show what strong faith you have for sure. Joey was a beautiful little boy and although I didn't know him I'm sure he touched so many people in his short time here. Be blessed by that. You're in my prayers.

  7. Sending you hugs today. Not does it sound like Joey was an amazing boy but he had an amazing mother!

  8. We have never met, but I look at your blog and I have read your story. Being a mother of three myself, I just wanted to tell you today that you are in my thoughts. What a strong woman and wonderful mother you are to stand tall after all you have been through. You truly are an inspiration to me.

  9. Jen
    Just wanted to leave a hug.

    wishing you peaceful loving memories of your wonderful son.

  10. Your blog entry made me cry. You are a strong amazing woman!

    I also wanted to leave hugs for you.

  11. At least you will never struggle with wondering if anything good will come from losing your sweet boy. I can't imagine one mother ever reading your story and not hugging her own children just a little more tightly because of it. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Joey loved slupries and sixlits from 7-11.
    Joey never got mad at me, even when i accidently let baby Jayden knock over some of his lego ships.
    Joey loved playing with baby Aaron.
    Joey was great at teaching Aaron and Dylan how to play XBox and didn't like that Dylan learned to be really good!
    Joey got to hug baby Aspen as a newborn and was so sweet about her deformity.
    Joey was the best nephew anyone could ask for!

  13. I'm thinking of you and your family. Reading through the description of could be describing my oldest, Connor who is 12. It's seeing him that makes me think of you. And that is something I'll always do. Thanks for sharing Joey's headstone too. It's just beautiful! Lots of hugs,

  14. Joey had the sweetest spirit. I was always amazed at the way he presented himself.
    He was an example to me. I always want to strive to be the kind of person he was to everyone around him.
    I never heard an unkind word come out of his mouth. I know I've already messed that one up.
    You just knew that joey was special. COuldn't put your finger on it, you just knew. And you felt it everytime you were around him.

    I miss Joey too Jen. I cry everytime I see his picture or think of him and how much it must be to not have him here anymore.
    What a special boy. He is truly missed.
    love ya babe!

  15. Wonderful tribute...


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