Monday, October 08, 2007

Remember that bill?

Well, here's what it led to . . .

I went to the school to drop off the books that I had found, and the secretary told me to wait because she was sure that the school counselor would want to talk to me. Joey's counselor had been so loving and supportive during Joey's withdrawal from school and his illness. Even the principal and assistant principal made a special visit to our home at one time to check on Joey. I was extremely touched by their love and support.

The counselor walked me over to the book drop-off and said that she had Joey's yearbook for me. I couldn't believe it! I had wondered if we had purchased a yearbook at the beginning of school, but I could honestly NOT remember. I was so grateful to get it.

And when I opened it, it opened right to this page and look what I found . . .

I had a good cry in the school parking lot. Boy, I miss you, Joey!


  1. Awww, Jen. No words on this Monday morning.

  2. Oh my dear friend- I want to hug you and cry with you. Love you tons!

  3. That was so beautifully written,perfect. I know you will keep it somewhere safe. Hugs xxx

  4. This made me think that God really does work in mysterious ways. That terrible bill led to such a wonderful blessing. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing so much!

  5. oh, gosh! I am tearing up just seeing that! (((HUGS)))

  6. tears over here too. what a beautiful gift.


  7. Oh, Jen. I am so happy that they chose to honor his young life in such a beautiful way. And I'm very happy you received that unexpected "gift."



  8. Oh that is so lovely and such a touching tribute to Joey to be remembered in his year book this way.

  9. What a beautiful tribute - it brought me to tears, I can just imagine how you felt!

  10. What a beautiful tribute to Joey! Tears here too.. Sending ((HUGS))

    Kelly :)

  11. ...and I know he's building rainbows for you, Jen!

    big hugs!

  12. Jen-

    What a wonderful tribute to Joey. He will always be remembered.

    Big hugs,

  13. There are so many feeling I can't find the words. This is so wonderful.


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