Joey's Wish!

When Make-A-Wish first approached us, we didn't feel that it was appropriate that Joey receive a wish because he was doing so well. We didn't want to take away from another child's wish being granted. But as his illness progressed, we decided to let Joey decide. His answer was completely unselfish, "I don't need anything. I have everything I want." I was so proud of him, but we also allowed him some time to really consider if there was anything else that he wanted.

His wish was a suit of Clone Trooper armor that he could wear. Because he was so sick, talking to the Make-A-Wish people took some time. Finally, we had them come up to the hospital because Joey was actually coherent for a few hours at a time. He tried to explain to them the colors and style that he wanted.

The grantors decided to grant his wish on his birthday, April 14. They wanted to have a huge party and invite the entire Alpine Garrison, which is about 50+ members that dress in various Star Wars costumes. We asked them to please cut it down to a much smaller size as Joey is very upset around large groups of people. We also invited the grantors, Joey's grandparents, and one uncle (who is also a HUGE Star Wars fan).

Joey was very ill on the afternoon of his birthday and didn't seem at all excited about coming out. I am sure that was due to how very sick he was. We walked him slowly into the living room and had him rest on the couch.

Then Darth Vadar and two Clone Troopers presented him with a full suit of armor and several other Clone Trooper/Star Wars toys. The really tall red Trooper is his armor. :)

Joey tried very hard to be interested, but he was so nauseated that he begged to go back to his room after about 15 minutes. Before he moved back to his own bed, he said, "Thanks, guys!" It was very overwhelming to him, and I wish that we had been able to grant the wish when he was feeling much better. He just hasn't been the same this last month and a half. Things that would have absolutely thrilled him are not as fun to him. He did ask to see things later and would have his Dad hold them so he could really look at them. (He isn't strong enough to hold things anymore).

What was most fun to me was the reaction of my two younger kids and my brother. That's the reaction Joey would have when he was feeling better. I don't think they could have been more excited! They were literally shaking with excitement. The Make-A-Wish grantors also brought two baskets with toys for my younger children so they wouldn't feel left out. They were extremely generous, and I think Santa is going to take a break this year. Really, WOW!!

I am so grateful for the people that grant wishes to sick children. I remember one night, Joey spent 15 minutes drawing exactly what he wanted for his Clone Trooper despite a fever and nausea. Only a wish like that could make him want to draw again, and that's something he always loved to do.

What an amazing organization! Here's a last photo of my youngest thoroughly enjoying our visitors. :)


  1. Hi Jen. I Think it is wonderful that these kind of organisations are out there and I too wished that Joey was feeling better to really enjoy it fully. I am keeping him and your family in my prayers....always.


  2. These are such difficult stories to share, but so touching. Thank you for having the courage to share.

    I am in awe of the amazing love you share wtih your son and your family. I so wish that Joey wasn't ill. You are in my heart and thoughts.

  3. this is such a treat. I am praying for you and your family. I don't even have words to describe the ache I'm feeling for you, and I've never met you. but I am a mom, and I have a son who is 11. (I also have two girls). this hits home for all of us. your son and I share a birthday. I'll be sure to always think of him. hang in there. miracles do happen.

  4. Jen~
    Big hugs to you, my friend.

  5. Jen,

    I would like to give your family a gift. Tara Whitney is coming to Salt Lake CIty at the end of May. I would love to pay for her to come and photograph your beautiful family, if you wish. Please contact me at

    Kim Hacking

  6. Jen, I found your blog through another one, and I am so so sad for you and your little guy. I'm running a charity race for cancer research in July and i'll be thinking about you too. I'd also read that you had set up a trust fund, but I can't see any details here - please email me about it.

  7. Jen, my husband and I support the Make A Wish organization here in VT. It always staggers me, how much a simple wish can help a child who is facing problems like this. I have seen many of the wishes that have been granted in VT; they are all unique and make such a difference for those families.
    Blessings to you and your family - may you have more good moments than bad, more happy memories than sad ones, more strength than doubt. You have many, many shoulders to lean on, even from those of us you have never met.

  8. Jen,

    I have never met you, but your family is in my thoughts.

    I live in Sandy and my son has met the "Jedi" that came to your house. Aren't they amazing? I'm glad that your son's wish was fulfilled. I am sure that he was as excited on the inside as the others were on the outside!

    One of my favorite quotes is: "Miracles happen to those who believe in them." May you be aware of the everyday miracles in your life.

    If I can help at all ... please let me know!


  9. Oh jen - i dont know you at ALL. Im a lurking two peas girl who felt incredibly touched by your sons plight.
    I have sat and cried over your last few blog entries. so touched, so choked, so sad I feel right now.
    If I could do anything for you - I would. you name it and I would do it. truly xx


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