This is where my life is right now!

What a whirlwind it has been the last two months. On December 1, 2006, we took our son into his Gastroenterologist for a routine check-up. He's had Ulcerative Colitis since he was 2 1/2 years old. He was feeling well, had been complaining of pain in a very specific spot in his abodomen and was looking quite dehydrated.

She sent us right over to Primary Children's Hospital where we had a CT Scan. In the scan we saw that his colon was extremely enlarged. They sent us home for the weekend and we checked back into the hospital on Monday, December 4. After blood test, and IV's and such, they performed surgery and removed his colon. He has a stoma (an ileostomy) where he uses a bag for his bowel movements.

In the process of doing the surgery, the surgeon found a mass the size of an apple. How did we not know that he had a mass in his colon? My poor boy.

After sending it to the lab, on December 8th, we learned it was cancerous. Adino Carcinoma, Colon Cancer. What a devastating month, December was, as we learned and dealt with the idea of our 12 year old having cancer.

We were released on December 13th (my birthday). :)

Thursday, December 14th, we drove to LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City to receive a PET scan. The scan revealed cancer on Joey's liver, which was something the surgeon had also spotted in the surgery and had scraped in order to try and remove as much as possible.

Joey had his first chemotherapy treatment on December 27th, just two days after Christmas. My husband, Brett, took a turn after my 10 day stay during Joey's surgery. I was exhausted and anxious and needed some rest.

Joey had his second chemotherapy treatment two weeks later and I took a turn. They changed medicines and Joey was a little nauseous, but did pretty well. The hospital has Game Cubes and Cable TV which helps to keep him occupied.

Last Wednesday, we went for round three but stopped for a CT scan first. The scan was difficult to read, and Joey's blood count revealed an increase in cancer activity so they sent us home. Thursday we returned to LDS Hospital for another PET scan.

The scan revealed that Joey's cancer in his liver is growing and there is cancer on his Pancreas. There may also be a bit in his colon and in his lungs, but it's difficult to tell at this point.

Joey was admitted Saturday with a new chemotherapy medicine: Areno Techan (I know I'm not spelling that correctly). Brett stayed again this time. Joey was a little more sick this time, but with the right anti-nausea medicine was even able to eat a little bit.

We are shocked but working through all of this. We rely heavily on our faith, and from support of our friends and loved ones.

I am grateful to have such an amazing little family, and I thank my Heavenly Father every day for them.


  1. Jen, my prayers are with your family!

  2. I'd been wondering how you were all holding up. Hope the new medication will be the answer for Joey! You all remain in my prayers.

  3. Hey girl! glad to see you posting again! I know things will work out. I keep praying for you and I'll come visit you someday... lol- luv ya babe!

  4. I am so glad you are giving an update I have been thinking about you and your family a lot. Sweetie this is hard, and I know you have a long road facing you. I will keep you , your son and the rest of your family in my prayers and I hope you will all go through this with a positive outcome.

    Much love,


  5. Jen-- sending prayers up for you and your family.

    Call me if you need a break, I mean it--we can go to lunch and just be silly.

    Give that boy a hug from me.

  6. Ah, she's surfaced for a brief, but extensive blog...more elusive than the loch ness monster, yet much cuter than big foot. The shy, but endearing Jen G. makes a statement with each and every word she chooses. I'm sure glad that I'm her friend and that she knows how wonderful she is! I pray for her and that beautiful boy ya girl! wink wink!

  7. I don't know how you are doing it. We are praying for Joey. Please let him know that Sis Brown loves him and sure misses seeing him in our Primary. He was always my favorite.

  8. so many prayers for you all . . .

  9. thinking of you all and sending my ((hugs)) and good thoughts along.

  10. I just read your blog about your boy Joey. I will pray for your family.


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