Card Love!

I just love making cards. Of course, I'm terrible about sending them. Ask anyone that I owe a "thank you" card to. Seriously. Why is it so darn hard to actually get them into the mailbox. I'll never know. :(

This first card is an Engagement card. I'm seriously in love with textures. Love the diamonds, the flower, and the fabric tag. So fun be able to create art and send a loved one a card (again, if I were the type to send them).

This second card is from the new Deja Views Fresh Print Cherry line. It's all about colors and sophisticated designs. Doesn't this just scream "girl?" I am so in love with this paper line.

And the last card is to satisfy my doodling need. I tell ya I'm not really a doodler unless little flowers with a few blades of grass drawn over and over again count as doodling. (Really, that's all I ever doodle.) The font is by Miss Purkey over at Too cute, huh? Those metal circles are a new release from Karen Foster. They have little tabs that fold over, but I put large pop dot squares underneath them to give them depth. And guess what? I actually pulled out my chalk for this card. Wild, huh? Old things are new again. LOL!


  1. I love all these cards!! I might need that engagement card soon...... Chalk, I miss my chalk, I've used mine recently also!! Glad to see you posting your awesome projects. You're so talented. Love ya!

  2. Totally cute! I love this! Hey, so your brother is in Sactown, eh? Well, Vacaville isn't too far away. Maybe I will run into him when I hit the outlet stores! I LOVE your cards! U TOTALLY ROCK! I love CX!

  3. I love the girls just want to have fun card!! SOOO fun!! I love your cards. I'm totally adding you to my favorite blogs! (If that's okay!?)Thanks for the inspiration!


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