Surviving Memory Trend assignments:

Seriously, how do people work in the creative industry and push themselves all of the time. I can hardly believe how exhausting it is to create and create and create. Who would have thought that it would exhaust me physically? Interesting . . .

But I did it, I finished up my assignments for Karen Foster. Wait 'til you see their wonderful new releases. I'm loving the Little Boy papers, and I always love the funky embellishments they think up. So fun to play with.

Deja Views didn't have a new release, but I tackled a rather prickly project. Of course, I was the idiot that volunteered for it so I really can't complain. But I chose to do a WREATH. "A what" you ask. Seriously, I volunteered to create a wreath from paper. It seemed so much more possible than it really turned out to be. YIKES! I was in tears one night because I hated the direction it was taking. Either too tired or too emotionally involved in my projects. LOL!

Li'l Davis gave me one of the first assignments for their blog. Haven't gotten to play with their goodies in such a long time. Was a little nervous at first because I really want to do a good job. And then with some divine inspiration, it came to me. I got to play with the Crillon Collection, and it's so pretty.

I feel very blessed to work with such great companies!!

In addition, I have been doing some stuff for the CK QVC shows. I get to play with the goodies that they sell, and that's been so much fun to do stuff with products I might not get to purchase. Very cool!! Feel a lot of pressure (from myself) to do a great job for those awesome viewers.

Contemplating entering HOF. We'll see. I think even if I don't enter, I will challenge myself to create the assignments. I really thrive on assignments (comes from loving school so much). Yeah, I know I'm sick! ;)

The layout is just a fun one I created to apply for the Creativexpress Design Team. I didn't make it, but I'm thrilled for the six talented ladies that did. And I thoroughly enjoyed creating new items to post. Must do that more often. ;)


  1. Hi Jen! I just saw a post from you with your blog address and had to pop over to say hello! I was hoping that you'd start a new blog once you got settled. I always enjoy seeing your gorgeous work and hearing what you have to say! :)

  2. Love the layout, Jen! So happy for all your new opportunities to create :D


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